Creativeguru Intelligently Engages 24 x 7 x 365

Nurturing your Growing Audience

Tailored specifically for your target audience, Creativeguru doesn’t just create content; it intelligently engages in meaningful conversations. The robot operates around the clock, actively searching for opportunities to weave narratives that create value, build trust, and convert casual visitors into eager members of your community. Creativeguru lays the groundwork for lasting, meaningful connection, while your team is free to explore other ways to drive your business towards success.

Amplify Business Content

Creativeguru’s communication channels can be used to amplify your business communications by weaving information about your business into news stories.

The news portal can be used to publicize company news and host banner ads. We will also integrate company banners and messaging across news portal social channels, the email newsletters and podcasts.

Email Subscription Based Newsletter

The content with the highest engagement metrics is added to a weekly email newsletter, which can be used to increase brand recognition by distributing the newsletter to your contact lists and audiences that sign up through the news portal.

The GDPR-compliant list is shared through an API connection.


Two meta-human hosts deliver a friendly summary of the previous week’s content with the highest engagement metrics. This 10-20 minute podcast has promotional bookends that reference the sponsoring company and a 30 second internal advertising spot.

In-depth eBook updated quarterly

Long form eBook content is an opportunity to highlight a business’s domain knowledge and expertise. All Creativeguru channels publicize the availability of the eBook, providing another opportunity to acquire contact details from prospective customers.

Dedicated News Portal

The advanced AI Hub of Builds Audience, Acquires and Nurtures Leads

Audience Acquisition / Lead Development

X provides an excellent opportunity to acquire new followers. We start by tracking your key competitors through their X presence.

All news portal content is reformatted and posted to a dedicated X page. Tweets can be rewritten for distribution to the company’s main X page as well. All engagement is captured for continued model training.

For certain business types Meta can be a powerful resource for Creativeguru communications.

Creativeguru has a diverse toolbox that the robot uses to connect with new leads via likes, queries, banner ads and message distribution to appropriate groups and pages.


LinkedIn is critical for B2B communications. Valuable, consistent content distribution increases standing with the LinkedIn algorithm.

The news portal own pages and groups are used to gain followers and enhance reputation. Unique content is included for primary business page if needed.

Continued Learning through Analytics

The market is not static and Creativeguru’s responsiveness is key to campaign success and audience growth. Engagement data is captured from all channels for continued development. The Creativeguru robot improves its performance learning from the continuous feedback it receives from the system engagement.

Creativeguru Labs

The Creativeguru development team has an exciting roadmap of releases planned for the year, with a significant focus on video production. This advancement in Creativeguru’s functionality will provide our clients with a formidable edge in today’s competitive market.

Start your journey today to put your company ahead of the competition.

Book a meeting with one of our sales consultants to discover how easy it is to integrate Creativeguru into your business development strategy. We step you through the process managing the onboarding process which trains the robot on your industry, business and goals. This collaborative process continues throughout the year making sure that Creativeguru is responsive to the changing business needs.