Ltd. Launches The World’s First Targeted Social Media Influencer Service

by | Jun 22, 2024

London, UK – June 24, 2024 – Ltd., a UK-based company, proudly announces the launch of, the world’s first targeted social media influencer service. Creativeguru offers a revolutionary way to provide customized communication with hundreds or hundreds of thousands of prospective customers.  Creativeguru solves the problem now being face by digital marketers around the globe – How do you identify potential customers for a company in a world without tracking cookies?

Addressing a Market Need

While many believe content marketing alone is sufficient to fill this gap created by the retirement of tracking cookies, the team at Creativeguru believe a more active approach is needed to compete in a market that has been flooded with uninspired content.

“The challenge is to build a better solution to what is currently out there – businesses that simply churn out mind numbing content,” stated Joe Belmonte, Chief Marketing Officer at “Our approach is incredibly powerful because it engages with prospects on their terms. This will create a more lasting impression.”

Unique Active Communications Strategy

Creativeguru stands out with its unique approach to actively cultivate new audience for a company. Each Creativeguru client has their own model trained as an expert in their business, their industry, and target customers. This specialized knowledge, combined with knowledge of the daily industry news cycle gives the model what it needs to communicate intelligently with prospective audience members. This process can be replicated as much as needed to meet the business’s audience growth objectives – all the time providing a personalized and satisfying interaction between multiple prospects and the Creativeguru model.

Intelligent Prospect Identification and Engagement

The Creativeguru model builds a dynamic view of the client’s industry as it exists online, where prospects for the client’s business cluster and seek out the information that drives them.  The model observes and then intelligently interacts with prospects.  It shares meaningful information and fosters the engagement that increases the likelihood that the prospect will purchase from Creativeguru’s client. All the while, Creativeguru’s client can focus their resources on converting prospects Creativeguru has drawn onto their landing pages.

A Strategic Advantage

“The people I am speaking to immediately see the value of this proposition,” said Marcie Terman, Creativeguru’s Sales Director. “While the majority of the marketing industry is focused on what is tantamount to a digital leaflet drop, Creativeguru delivers a targeted, intelligent influencer campaign that will be far more effective.”

Democratizing Personalized Communication

According to IDC, over 80% of purchasing decisions now include a social media component. While personalized communication has long been a tool for governments and large corporations to influence, Creativeguru democratizes this skill. “Because of the efficiency of AI, we can be both profitable and offer the service in a way that levels the playing field for SMBs,” stated Joe Belmonte. “We are starting in the UK, with plans to expand across North America and globally by 2025.”

Preparing for Growth

Creativeguru is gearing up for its first outside investment round, partnering with the UK’s startup resource,, to secure the funding that will accelerate future growth.

To find out more about how Creativeguru can work with your company to build audience and a robust lead pipeline email: [email protected] or set up an introductory meeting with the team.